Rocket Boy & Toro

Rocket Boy & Toro

Coming direct into your home from across the other side of the universe, Rocket Boy, the fastest kid on the block, and Toro, his trusty guard-sheep, promise to deliver to you a bumper package of comic space adventure stuffed right to the corners with action, suspense, icky things and more fun than you could shake a turbo-boosted Pangulard bogey-stick at!

Faster than the fastest missile, intergalactic messenger Rocket Boy is pledged to make deliveries to the farthest reaches of the galaxy. He is helped by his loyal pet and guard-sheep “Toro” and an array of satellite and robot friends, and he has to use all his considerable wit to outsmart his dreaded enemy, Dr Square, who has vowed to stop at nothing to learn the secret of his incredible speed.

  • 52 * 10mins TG4 - 01/01/2010


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