Dance Off

Dance Off

Dance Off follows the making of NOCTÚ, from auditions and boot camp, to the creative development and rehearsal of this new show. The series comes to a climax when 13 Irish dancers from Ireland, Scotland, England, Australia, Canada and Hungary take to the stage for the world premier of NOCTÚ.

Choreographer and director, Riverdance Principal Breandan de Gallai, recruited Dearbhla Lennon, another Riverdance Principal to help him find and train up the dancers. Over the course of the series he also pulls in some professional favours from actors, cheerleaders and comedians to teach the dancers how use their voices and all of their bodies on stage. For some of the cast it is a life changing opportunity, for others the demands of the show are overwhelming.

*NOCTÚ: nɒk tuː m. (gs. noċta). 1. Bare, strip, uncover. 2. Baring, exposure; disclosure, revelation; appearance.

  • 6 x 25 Mins RTE 1 - Jul 2011
  • Item Tag: dance, RTE


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