Faoi Lan Cheoil

Faoi Lan Cheoil

Eight celebrities embark on a journey to learn a musical instrument over a period of 6 months under expert tuition of a renowned musician and each programme charts their trials and triumphs. The celebrity students will be preparing for a public performance, which is particularly special to them.

Participants and viewers will gain an insight into the artistic and social world of traditional Irish music, and see that it’s never too late to pick up an instrument and reap the benefits. Some who gave up as children have a second chance to learn to play; others who have never tried have an even more uphill task.

In celebration of the series, all contributors gathered at Ballywalter Park, Newtownards, to meet each other and perform together for the first time. This gathering was filmed for the final programme of the series, where all students perform as a band for invited guests.

  • 9 x 30 & 1 x 60 mins - 2008
  • Item Tag: music, TG4


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