How Low Can You Go

How Low Can You Go

This is a hit comedy travel show presented by three Irish lads, Baz , Michael and Mark . Each donning a character –  ‘the ladies man’,  ‘the cultured one’ and ‘the gay fluffy one’, travel around the globe paying their way by doing the lowest of the low jobs. On a tight budget they explore cities and countries, uncovering the more unusual aspects of their culture and the people who inhabit them. The four series include city breaks to New York, Tallinn, Istanbul and Barcelona as well as road trips across America and Australia, as the boys get up to no good, squabbling and having a good old time.

Series 1 - Barcelona, New York, Krakow, Istanbul, Lisbon, Tallinn. - 2005
Series 2 - Berlin, Copenhagen, Marseille, Toronto, London, Budapest. - 2006
Series 3 - Road Trip, Australia. Cairns to Melbourne. - 2007
Series 4 - Road Trip, USA. L.A. to Miami. - 2008

  • Series 1 - 6 x 30 mins RTE 2005
  • Item Tag: comedy, RTE


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