Road Patrol NI

Road Patrol NI

Road Patrol NI gains unrivalled access to the patrols who deal with drivers across Northern Ireland as they carry out their day-to-day duties. The filming focuses on three specific districts – Portadown, Maydown and Antrim.

Speeding, penalty points and uninsured vehicles are just some of the issues that the traffic police have to deal with.  Officers also have to deal with drunks, drug addicts and aggressive thugs.

Filmed during the first half of 2009, this BBC One NI three-part series gives viewers the opportunity to observe the PSNI Road Policing Unit at work. Officers comment on more than one occasion that “people think the police are stupid” – this series proves they clearly are not.

Road Patrol Ep1

The first programme is a cautionary tale for any driver who thinks they can talk themselves out of a tight spot – lies about insurance, identity, speed and 'R' plates soon escalate into substantial penalties.

Road Patrol Ep2

In the second programme traffic branch encounter drivers oblivious to the speed limits, a drug addict driving under the influence and an extremely aggressive drunk driver.

Road Patrol Ep3

In the final programme traffic branch witness a seemingly small misdemeanour which unearths more serious driving offences, encounter a white van driver with an impatience for traffic lights and see an inventive use of gaffer tape.


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